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How to start doing yoga?

The demand for yoga classes is increasing. From a secret gymnastics imbued with religious meanings, it turns into an accessible way to lead a healthy lifestyle and relieve stress. Residents of one of the largest districts of Moscow understand this, which is why practicing yoga is now considered prestigious among people of different ages and social status.

How to start practicing

But the most important thing, perhaps, is a sincere desire to attend classes and receive joy from this process. Attending training just because it is fashionable is ineffective.

  • The main thing is internal comfort

Yoga is not a gym or fitness class that requires regularity and a gradual increase in load. The main thing here is the inner attitude. Therefore, experts advise skipping classes on days when there is no mood or energy, when a person internally feels that he is not ready to completely relax. Without inner harmony in yoga you cannot achieve physical health.

If you have the desire and the appropriate attitude, it would be optimal to attend group training every other day. In the first year, you don’t have to practice independent asanas – there is a risk of doing them incorrectly. This will come with experience, the main thing is to learn to focus on yourself.

  • Expert advice

To practice correctly, experienced trainers recommend:

Train on an empty stomach (3 hours after a heavy lunch or 1 hour after a light lunch). The maximum you can afford is a glass of water, juice or tea; exercise without shoes, in loose, light clothes made from natural fabrics; learn to listen to your body. The main principle of yoga is the absence of violence against oneself. You need to exercise with comfort, and not with pain; be patient and remember that the main thing is not difficult poses, but inner harmony; do not try to imitate others; Don’t think about problems in class.

  • Rules of good manners

Beginners should stock up on a special mat – one that is not stretchy or slippery. Even if the fitness center provides mats, it is better to exercise on your own – it is safer both in terms of hygiene and energy.

In the yoga room it is not customary to make noise, talk on the phone or discuss something loudly with each other. Silence, contemplation, harmony – these are the main signs of the right atmosphere before and during classes. If you had to be late or need to leave early, this must be done without words, mentally saying hello and goodbye to those around you and without interfering with their concentration.

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